About Me

My story

My name is Dawn Power and my journey with alternative health started in 1995 after the death of my brother with cancer. His death was my wake up call to not only to start living my truth, but also explore another way to heal as observing my brothers experience to his death was not a pleasant one. So my journey began firstly learning Reiki and gaining my Reiki Masters in 1999. I also studied professsional counselling learning the art of cause and effect. Next was to change my life and my environment. So with three young children in tow I left the life I once knew and moved to the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. For 7 years I had complete bliss raising my children, enjoying the beach, studying Natural medicine and learning yoga of the mind from some of the greatest teachers in the world here in Australia and over in India. This was to be the foundation for the rest of my life. Life will always throw us curve balls, but if we stick to the foundation of our TRUTH and let go of fear, we will always be guided to our highest self.

My children have all grown up now and taken their own wings to fly and life moved me forward to the city. I still live near the beach and am blessed with a new life with my partner and began my own natural healing business called Ultimate Power Healing and now get to share all I have learnt with others.

Look forward to sharing that with you.